Personal Projects



Close Sourced Project. Domhain is a 3D Multiplayer game originally started back in college and slowly iterated forward as a testing ground for ideas I have with originally heavy inspiration from Monster Hunter and then later influences from Horizon Zero Dawn and Apex Legends as well, Presently it's a Momentum movement Looter Shooter with component based bosses similar to that found in Horizon Zero Dawn. Presently moving this into Unreal 5 against source code built Engine.



Close Sourced Project. Linear algebra-based python machine learning for cryptocurrencies price prediction and arbitrage trade recommendations.



Several released mods/addons for various games either adding functionality, fixing bugs, or enhancing gameplay. Games I’ve released or developed personal/public mods for include: Valheim, Monster Hunter: World, Monster Hunter: Rise, Monster Hunter: Frontier, Warcraft 3, StarCraft, StarCraft 2, Garry’s Mod, Terraria, Stardew Valley, Arc: Survival Evolved, Tabletop Simulator, Minecraft.

Some of these are still available but due to previous requirements for my employment at Lockheed Martin and presently at Electronic Arts, I've maintained most of these locally as to not violate conflict of interest and internal clearance requirements based on direction from those teams.



A lot of tools/plugins for friends and individuals online. A lot of one-off scripts and assistance with software for streamers/VTubers from physical collision projection in Unity, to applications and scripts for automated model rigging and additional plugins for OBS. Bug fixes for Open Source Projects when approved by the Conflict of Interest teams at the companies I've worked at and submitted by the appropriate channels. Notable Examples:

Bug Fixes for EarTrumpet:

Bug Fixes for OBS:

Private Facial Tracking Plugin for Unity

Private Tooling for automatically applying audio levels using directed input feedback via Virtual-Audio-Cable for streaming.
Reference required software: