Hey there, I'm Noah Hart. I am a Software Engineer and I like to fix problems, especially those that pertain to the Gaming Industry.

When you don't find me working on some system or architecture for gaming you can generally find me reverse engineering systems, making little scripts and tools here and there, trying to make people lives easier. And when I'm not at my machine, you'll find me enjoying life and traveling.

I'm an avid Jack-Of-All-Trades and love to learn and add new skills and hobbies to my repertoire including things like Snowboarding which I use to instruct, Small Scale Smithing and Jewelry crafting, to things like Video Editing and Streaming.

At Present I am a Software Engineer III at Electronic Arts.

The mobile titles I've gotten to directly contribute to are Madden Mobile, NBA Live Mobile, FIFA Mobile, The Sims Freeplay, The Sims Mobile, Apex Legends Mobile and Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes.

The console titles I've gotten to directly contribute to are Madden 21, NBA Live 16 and Madden 16

I have also gotten to provide feedback on several titles internally, with some feedback making it's way to design meeting inclusion and eventual implementation, a notable example being some of the additional options in the Command & Conquer: Remastered Collection.

Lastly I've gotten to contribute to build and testing pipelines for a plethora of titles and software including Need for Speed, Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2, NBA Live 16, Madden NFL 16, Star Wars™: Battlefront™ and Frostbite.

Some of my tech has been incorporated into a variety of our studios including GLU, Respawn, BioWare, Maxis, and EA Sports.

Before entering the Video Games Industry and EA, I worked for Lockheed Martin as a software developer and algorithm specialist working on a multitude of interesting projects from tracking repairs of the M-TADSs radar systems for the Apache, to virtual representations of those system in Unity using Cortex Cameras for tracking operators for training the repair staff for those systems with full haptic feedback gear and armature for accuracy. Some of my code made it to space in the updates to systems of the Atlas V launched in 2015 before I left to pursue my dreams of making Video Games

Favorite Games

Monster Hunter

I have been playing the Monster Hunter series since I got the original Monster Hunter on PlayStation 2 and ever since then I've aways loved the series and its gameplay. When they eventually added multiplayer, it was a dream come true for me and my friends. We would play for hours and hours, often staying up too late and I have a tremendous number of wonderful memories in this series.

I still play the most recent Monster Hunter games and probably always will. I am proud to say I have well over 10,000 hours in this franchise over the lifespan it's had so far, and I look forward to another 10,000 over the following years. If you want a good entry point, I would recommend Monster Hunter: World on the PlayStation 4/5 or PC.

Mega Man X

This game holds a lot of memories for me because of when I got the game, I was still relatively young at the time and there was just something about Mega Man that really hooked me as a kid, I still have my original copy of this game and the Super Nintendo I use to play it on. Over the years I even eventually ended up speed-running this game while I was in college as a fun challenge, and it started to open my horizons to how many different people plays games and the different ways they play them.

Command & Conquer

The whole concept of Tiberium and what would happen to humanity if such a world changing discovery took place was particularly interesting. It also had some of the most fun RTS units and mechanics that I still remember being extremely excited when I got my firestorm wall up and running in time to intercept a NOD nuke or chemical missile that was inbound to my base only to just dissolve in the sky.

Age of Empires

My original entrance into the RTS genre was through my father's copy of Age of Empires he let me play on his computer when I was young. He showed me how to play the game and used it as a means for igniting a lifelong love of history and understanding of other people, their culture, and their histories. This was probably the first game I played that lead me to getting into history books and similar to discover how interesting the journey of humanity has been so far, and to hope that it would continue to be into the future.

Fallout: Tactics

Fallout: Tactics was not my first tactics game, but I think it was the first one that had me so invested into the world that they had created and interested in learning what had not only happened to the world to make it into the wasteland they use as the setting, but also how it relates such meaningful and sometimes really humorous decision making to the player. Not only that but it just really made me happy as a gamer when I finally got a working set of power armor in that game and the overall story was highly enjoyable.

World of Warcraft

I played WoW for the better part of a decade before I left, and while it is no longer the game I remember fondly, I made a lot of friends in that virtual world that I still game with today. Me and my wife played it together when we were going through college and I've played it at many different levels, getting Grand Marshal on my Hunter back in Vanilla all the way up to being a part of Paragon during the Wrath of the Lich King expansion.

WoW taught me a lot of lessons about how to enjoy a game in different ways, there were time in WoW I was just part of a small PvP focused guild, and time when I was part of a Large PvE focused world first guild, and guilds before and after that. And the one thing that always made it the most fun was the ability to enjoy it with friends and the community that surrounded it. I even ran a guild called Blackfire Legion for a while and we did some smaller scale raiding and PvP after I left Paragon when I couldn't keep up with the schedule of the hardcore raider anymore.